Friday, 9 November 2012

Wow! I haven't updated this blog for quite some time. For good reasons though. Like having the most awesome superhero wedding ever! Well, at least my husband and I think it was.
Where should I start? The costumes! Alot of people were having a hard time putting together costumes because they waiting till October. Luckily my new friends in China at were amazing at getting the costumes made to order and sent out here to Canada within 2 weeks. Alot of them were made from scratch with just pics I had grabbed from Google  There was Snowbird (From Alpha-Flight), Dove (DC), Booster Gold (DC but the Smallville version of the suit), Power Girl (DC but a customized version from fan artwork), Link (Legend of Zelda) for my son made from an artist's version. Deadpool and Spidey all customized to fit perfectly. (Pictures of all to come!)
So guests now had their costumes. I helped out with accessories for some. Made a really cool Thor helmet and a Scarlet Witch headpiece. These are pics before it was painted metallic silver

My accessories were a tad late in coming and I freaked out a bit like any bride to be would. But the wait was definitely worth it!

My garters were custom made by Dana Hixon from lilBittythings (on Etsy) with the Star Sapphire colours and logo. The toss garter was half Green Lantern and half Star Sapphire motif and was really cool. too.


My bouquet was equally cool! Made from comic books! Star Sapphire related comics too! and scented!
My bridal bouquet, toss bouquet and my hubby's boutonierre were all made by the very talented Sheli Crabtree from Comicbook Roses.

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