Monday, 18 February 2013

Finally some photos of the wedding!

Me getting my make up done by Christina Visser. she is so awesome and talented!

Almost done!

We took the floor of the barn and painted superhero logos all over it. It became the dance floor. Poison Ivy didn't have a logo per se, but I made one up for her. can you spot it?

Lex Luthor (aka Les Brotherston, Bob's big bro) marrying us and I'm reciting my vow. 
My vow that I wrote inspired  of course by the Violet Lantern Oath:

“My heart once longed for what was right
 Until the day I caught your sight
 My true hero, full of might
 Let our hearts join as one tonight
 Accept my ring, I'm yours this night
 Let our Love shine with Violet light!”

Bob's vow, also customized by myself and inspired by the Green Lantern oath:

"Our brightest day, this blackest night,
I'll let no evil come to light
For I am here, to do what's right
To be as one with you tonight
And now that you’re within my sight
Share in my power--Green Lantern's light!"

The ring. I had two rings, one was an actual pink sapphire that we used here for the wedding. and then my real diamond set that i put on my middle finger for the day. You can see my cheat sheet (pink heart) that i used for my vow.
For Bob's we used a Green Lantern ring that lit up.

The kiss! These awesome pictures were taken by Justin Samson photographer for the local newspaper "The Reporter". He attended the wedding quite last minute and dressed as Jimmy Olsen with a camera exactly like what he used in the superman returns movie.
Oh and that is my beautiful comic book rose bouquet custom made for me by Sheli Crabtree. The comic pages used contained Star Sapphire images and a few GL ones. It was even scented like Vanilla/Sweet Pea!

That's us! Newly married in Superhero style!

That's us on the cake! So yummy! Made by Geek Sweets in Vancouver. I highly recommend them for any heroic occasion! The toppers were custom made by Rene Brooks at

Our flowers at the head table. Not a great photo for colour. But you can see that we made custom table cards and place cards for all the superheroes.


The most awesome cupcakes in the World!!!!!! Made by Jenny Burgese at Geek Sweets of Vancouver B.C. Look at all the superheroes here! OMG and the taste! So yummy! Even the icings were different flavours!

Bob and his best man Green Arrow (Dave Basha) and Ghostrider getting in the photo op.

A group shot of us that landed us the front cover of the local paper! That was cool! As you can see everyone dressed us as was the agreement that guests dress up in lieu of gifts. Everybody put so much effort in the costumes and we so appreciated it. this truly was my dream wedding!

Poison Ivy (Chantal McDowell) blowing a most likely toxic kiss. Then the Mighty Thor (Richard Brotherston) and Booster Gold (Andrew Brotherston) well...being Booster!

Wonder Woman (Renata Alden), Lex Luthor (Les Brotherston) and Invisible Girl (Melanie Power) and you can see Hawkeye and Black Widow up to something in the back there. Next photo is Sif (Natasha Brotherston) and GI Joe (Hamish Brotherston).

She Ra Princess of Power (Vicki Wilson), the Joker (Grant Gunn) and Deadpool (Brian Hidi).

Couldn't have a Superhero wedding without the Avengers! Ironman (Leonard Brotherston), Capt America (Larry McDowell) and Thor (Richard Brotherston) and mini Hulk (Max). Hawkeye and Black Widow were doing naughty things at the time and couldn't make it for the photo :)

Told ya! they were in the photo booth!

And this is where is all happened. We spent countless hours getting this old barn ready but it was well worth it. I was kinda freaked out about how I would fit 80+ guests in there, but it worked out awesome. i think exactly 80 guests did come. The third picture is of the dance floor me and my super-peeps decorated. I drew the logos while my poor girls literally froze their butts off on that cement floor. But is was so cool. We not only had a revolving disco ball but a stage too. We couldn't find a pole in time.

Just a few of the place cards we made.

My two sons hamming it up-Spiderman (Cody Anderson) and Link (Nicholas Brotherston). Then Cheetah (Deanna Tuhkala) comes along and picks a fight with Spidey!

That Cheetah gets everywhere! She is next to Wolverine (Myles Gray) who was the best Logan I could have imagined. He worked hard to grow those mutton chops especially for the wedding. Then there is a pic of me with my Bridesmaid and best friend Starfire (Debbie Macwilliam) and my daughter Ashleigh Tuhkala  who made it last minute to the wedding as she was quite sick but even so donned a Supergirl shirt for her geeky mom. She is a very "Super" girl. Then the pic on the right is the Hidi family, sexy Psyloke (Esther), Kitty Pride (Bianca) complete with her dragon Lockheed and Deadpool (Brian) not so deadly this day.

Ahhh...the photo booth. what a wonderful addition to the wedding it was. I love this shot of spidey (Cody) with his lovely girlfriend (Black Cat) Amy McGuigan.

Random Superhero fun below!

And then the night turned ...shall we say naughty ;)

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