Thursday, 16 August 2012

Wow it been a while since I wrote something on here. Well alot has happened and its less than 2 months to the wedding now! I'm going to the gym just about everyday and trying to get Bob to go too. Bob and I had our costumes fitted yesterday and are having them tailored to fit even better. I lost over 20 pounds since starting the gym and gained a whole lot of muscle that I'm quite happy with.

I'm taking a bit of artistic license on my Star Sapphire costume. I thought the Carol Ferris version too risqué for me but Fatality's version just right. But even so I had these gauntlets made. They are quite different than hers. I received my really cool leather gauntlets the other day made by Stronghold leather. I now await my Star Sapphire headpiece from Pilgrimage Designs. It even has an LED light in the star portion. I can't wait!
We've seen Amazing Spiderman and Batman Dark Knight rises both great movies and helps keep us on the superhero bandwagon. Cody got his Spiderman costume custom made. It looks great. Helps that he is long and lanky with not an ounce of fat!
I just ordered a custom costume for my sister in law. She is going as DC's Dove character.
I've been working on the menu a bit and decided to just do cold cuts and buns but with lots of salads, appies, and desserts. Looking into getting a big cupcake tower for all those superhero cupcakes from Geek Sweets.
Even my hired help are dressing up! The lady I hired will be Domino and the guy is going to be Cyclops.
Signing off for now.

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